Sunday, 10 January 2010

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Zoo's in England are very popular with families, especially ones with young children. So media products that are also aimed at younger children or that will be viewed by adults that have younger children will appeal to us and will likely distribute our media product. The main product we will be looking to affiliate with is search engines e.g google, ask etc, this is because they gain more hits then any other sites as they are the search engines for all the other sites on the web, this will give us maximum exposure to the audience we wish to aim at, and even if the audience that we wish to aim at aren't on the search engines, there will be enough exposure to balance it out. The other forms of media are also appealing to be advertised in as they gain exposure for people that do not own a computer or cant access the Internet, these forms include newspapers, these are a good way to gain exposure as they are easily accessible and also they are exchangeable, by this i mean newspapers are left on trains, buses etc, so you don't even need to buy one in order to be reading one, so this is a very valuable form of media, although expensive the risk is one to take as the amount of people seeing them is worth a lot. The same can be said for television and radio, but for these two a short advert between programmes, again this is expensive but in the end will reap the benefits. Another form of distribution, and is possibly the most affective form is word of mouth, so if they have seen the website or visited the park they can spread word of how good it is and inform more and more people, the good thing about this is that it costs nothing, therefore we make maximum profit from this form.

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