Tuesday, 15 December 2009

How does your media product product represent particular social groups?

Our website isn't really aimed at a particular class, this is because we do not wish to aim at a particular group and excluded the possibility of others being interested in it, this may lose us supporters when they could want to help.
We have targeted our site to mainly appeal to young children, this is because they are the ones that are going to be most interested in attending the park. We realised that young children would not be able to make there own way to the park, so they will tell there parents to take them, and then they will tell there friends and the website will be viewed on a more broader scale. We done this by trying to keep the language simple as young children may not be able to understand longer terminology. Also we tried to incorporate pictures that are of a softer imagery so that it attracts the younger viewer and appeals to them. So on the whole we tried to make the website as easy to maneuver around and as easy to read as possible, this is because we wanted a wide range of people to view the site and we didn't want to disinterest anyone or have anyone disinterested because of the language used was too hard to read/understand, because of their age etc.

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